The latest and greatest convertible PCs


One of the more interesting developments in recent years has been the way in which the humble laptop has tried to capitalise on the tablet trend by introducing a wave of convertible PCs.


These devices aim to combine the processing power of the traditional PC, and apply the touchscreen simplicity and convenience of tablet to better serve the 21st century computer user.


From smart-pen innovations to aid productivity, to cheap and cheerful hybrids that enable user-friendly online gaming, here are the top convertible PCs to watch out for in 2016.


Lenovo Yoga 900


The slimline Lenovo device looks to update the Yoga 3 Pro by featuring an improved keyboard and trackpad for greater workplace efficiency. Furthermore, the hybrid also introduces an impressive Intel Skylake processor that should prove to be more than capable of handling graphics-heavy games such as The Room Two that would be wonderfully rendered in through the crisp and detailed display, that can also be easily swivelled thanks to the innovative watchband hinge.


HP Spectre 13x2



HP were always going to be keen to stake their claim in this rapidly growing market. And the HP Spectre 13x2 certainly delivers one of the larger-screened hybrids on the market with no less than two batteries capable of sustaining many hours of work or play. Despite occasional grumbles about the touchpad, it looks like being a valuable addition to the convertible PC market.


Microsoft Surface Book



One of the most anticipated entries into the convertible PC arena was Microsoft’s Surface Book. This looks like a standard laptop, but can be quickly disassembled into a touchscreen at just a push of a button. And the inclusion of a magnetically-attached pen is a great tool for note-taking or even creating your own works of art.


HP Pavilion x2



Given the increased popularity of convertible PCs, it was no surprise that there would be some great new entries at the lower price point. And key amongst these is the HP Pavilion X2. This has a detachable touchscreen that is armed with the processing power capable of completing standard office tasks, and it can also help the user to successfully play a range of games at Springbok Casino that include slots, roulette and poker which will no doubt look great on the 10.1-inch HD touchscreen.


Toshiba Satellite Click Mini


 And finally, boasting no less than 2GB of RAM and a small-but-effective 8.9-inch screen is Toshiba’s Satellite Click Mini. Despite its tiny size, it can still provide you with the ability to type on the keyboard relatively easily, and although its battery life is below average, it should also be able to handle even the most processor-taxing online games.

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